Sunday, 13 May 2012

dreams about dead peoples

Dead People in Dreams
When you see other people in your dreams they shall be interpreted as parts of your own personality, except when you dream about the person you love. When you see this person in your dreams, you can interpret the information you receive in your dreams as if it belongs to that person as it does not refer to your own psychic sphere.
When you see dead people in your dreams, the meaning varies according to the following types:
1. The dead person in your dream was not someone who really died, but that appears dead only in your dream.
2. The dead person you saw in your dream is really dead.
3. The really dead person you saw in your dream is someone that you loved very much and who loved you very much.
1. If you see someone who is alive in real life but appears dead in your dream, you have to interpret this person normally, as if it were a part of your own personality. For example, you see that your friend X is dead. What does X mean to you? How could you characterize him? You believe X is characterized by his or her extreme sincerity. So, this is the characteristic that he or she represents in your own psychic sphere. X represents your own sincerity.
If you see X dead, it means that you don’t need his example anymore. Now, this conclusion has two different meanings according to what is happening to you and according to what the dead person means for you.
a. You don’t need this example anymore because you are already like him. This fact has a positive meaning if your friend X represents a good quality in your psychic sphere. You don’t need to imitate the example anymore; you already learned to behave like X does.
b. You don’t need to avoid following his example anymore because you are already making the same mistakes made by X, in case X represents a bad quality of your psychic sphere, a part that is detrimental to you.

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